Monday, 16 October 2017

Autonomous not only cars and death

In the last time people speaks and writes a lot about autonomous cars. Of course, it's not only about cars. Can go any futher stuff like ships, planes or machines in production. In production also something similar exists, logistic is solved with many vehicles, which are controled one operate system.

But we are interested about other side of this thing. Decision making of this software in threating of life. Discussion on this topic is common thing and also with this question exists some movies. Let's look on this whole thing in different way. Will not be mandatory to own this cars. It will be property of company and it will be rented. Some person just make a request in phone for a car, car will come by itself, take customer where he wants and everyone will go own way. In the event of accident the responsibility is on the company, which owns the car and develop his software. I'm developer and I know, bugs is common thing. But in this situation the consequencies can be a death of human. Second thing is, when the car needs make a decision in hopeless situation, it just need to kill somebody.

After that we will make a legal prosecution because of software bug or wrong risk parameters?

If we look on statistics, we figure out how many people dying on roads. It's most likely, this cars will have this statistic lower. Besides of adjusting laws to suit this different road users. Companies and states will look on that numbers and maybe they decide, will be allowed some deaths per year for companies. Sounds scary? Don't be afraid, thankful to the media (like TV, radio) and mass marketing our brains will be massaged (or washed), everything is all right and after a while will be some deaths considered as a normal.

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