Tuesday, 9 January 2018

Time flow theory

Mankind knowledge seems like huge, but they are slim in reality. It exists one experiment, where you will point a laser throught two slots. The laser is going through only one slot while we observing this, what is strange. That is a reason why the scientist want to do measurement. During doing this experiment with measurement, the laser is going through both slots. I read a science article about it. They discovered, it's not only about action and reaction. Also the current state is affected by future state. What can mean different time flow, maybe reverse direction. Still we don't have enough knowledge and proofs, it's still a theoretical physics. 

Time is the fourth dimension of our perception, by many common people it's constant. That's a mistake. It's because of not enough knowledge and traditional observation of the world. In reality the time can be another variable, which can be modificable. 

Now we take this new knowledges and we use them on some observation in our life. If some person desire to meet somebody inside of himself, he'll meet him. I'm not saying it's a premise, it's a result of not only my observation. Just take a lot of that motivation sentences and thoughts in meaning "how you think, it happens" or "how you think, you will meet people with similar thinking". In connection with mentioned science experiment that means, the time isn't going just continually forward, but some other effect happens, reverse direction effect. 

Also the religions, for example christians and bible. People are praying for something, they have a faith into it and miracle happens. Depends on how big their faith is. Do you undestand the point? How we are configurate our soul/energy/spirit or call you how you want, that will happen if you will remain in that setup. At the end it's a collection of not written psychical laws. Not yet deeply researched.

This article was original written in slovak language by me. slovak version

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