Wednesday, 28 November 2018

U.S.S. Ignis

Space ship, creation inspired by Star Trek ships design.

Tuesday, 13 February 2018

Children is important part of our lifes

Poeple like to travel, discover new places. Usually we get to this activity in adult age. But in this age generally we already lost childlike view on world. Today it is in the posture to postpone the foundation of the family, so we do not even have these cute creatures around us who would remind us. Try to forget on all your boxes and labels in your head, which you use on everything around you.

Monday, 29 January 2018

Czechoslovakia partnership circle paradox

It's about circle in which romantic relationships are turning. Explanation of this paradox is based on my observation people and their relationships during long years. From observation I can say the main affected age group is young adult people, we can say between 20 and 35 years. It happens at least last 10 years. I don't know how this circle begins, but I'll explain how looks, how works.

Tuesday, 16 January 2018

Juraj a babička

V končinách jednej krajiny bola jedna chalúpka. Nie moc veľká. Stála osamelo blízko neveľkej dedinky. V tej chalúpke bývala prastará babička, milá a priateľská. Chyrovalo sa o nej, že má zázračnú palicu, ktorú vraj všade nosieva so sebou. Nikto poriadne nevedel o prazvláštnostiach tohoto celkom bežného predmetu.

Neďaleko odtiaľ býval a žil jeden mladý chlapec, dalo by sa povedať junák, volal sa Juraj. Vždy zvedavý, poznal všetky miesta a tajomstvá okolitej krajiny. Rád podnikal prieskum a vždy vyhľadával všetko zaujímave, všetko nepreskúmané. Mal rád dobrodružstvá ako to u mladých chlapcov býva. Ale babičkina palica o ktorej samozrejme počul, tá bola pre neho záhadou. Občas dumal nad touto zvláštnosťou a vyskúšal sa aj pýtať ľudí, ale odpovede sa nedopátral. Možno to bol len chýr, nevedel. Pokoja mu to nedávalo.

Tuesday, 9 January 2018

Time flow theory

Mankind knowledge seems like huge, but they are slim in reality. It exists one experiment, where you will point a laser throught two slots. The laser is going through only one slot while we observing this, what is strange. That is a reason why the scientist want to do measurement. During doing this experiment with measurement, the laser is going through both slots. I read a science article about it. They discovered, it's not only about action and reaction. Also the current state is affected by future state. What can mean different time flow, maybe reverse direction. Still we don't have enough knowledge and proofs, it's still a theoretical physics. 

Wednesday, 3 January 2018

Runtime texture loading and performance

Assets is something, really something. Because assets in unity project contains everything what you see, what you hear, how it works. Usually we are preparing assets outside unity and then we are adding them to UnityEditor. Then we compile project and everything is fine.

Imagine you need to load textures in runtime. You don't have prepared data in UnityEditor. You have a lot of users (players) and you want to give them a opportunity to load own textures. It's fine. It's not a big deal. In common use players are looking on the screen device (monitor, smartphone, etc.) and final state of loading picture as texture it's not very performance killer. You can feel freeze of application for a second, but perfomance affect is acceptable. Loosing few frames it's okay.

Virtual reality is something else. You need very good performance, stable framerate. Going under 100 fps usually you feel something is wrong. You can't stop the scene for a second because of loading picture as texture. The screen in VR start flashing and you will start feel dizziness.

Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Fast table order with jQuery

Ordering tables is a common thing. It can be solved with two ways. First one is server-side, while is selecting from database in the right order and limit. Second option is javascript solution on user-side, in his browser. Second solution is good for smaller tables and exists many libraries or scripts to achieve that.